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drag/drop activation in mobile safari (iphone/ipad)

Reported by qrizly | May 27th, 2011 @ 02:17 PM

If PointerX and PointerY is changed as pointed out in https://prototype.lighthouseapp.com/projects/8886/tickets/1253-even... then you need to change:

In Draggables:

  register: function(draggable) {
    if(this.drags.length == 0) {
      this.eventMouseUp   = this.endDrag.bindAsEventListener(this);
      this.eventMouseMove = this.updateDrag.bindAsEventListener(this);
      this.eventKeypress  = this.keyPress.bindAsEventListener(this);

      Event.observe(document, "mouseup", this.eventMouseUp);
      Event.observe(document, "mousemove", this.eventMouseMove);
      Event.observe(document, "keypress", this.eventKeypress);

      Event.observe(document, "touchstart", this.eventKeypress);
      Event.observe(document, "touchmove", this.eventMouseMove);
      Event.observe(document, "touchend", this.eventMouseUp);

  unregister: function(draggable) {
    this.drags = this.drags.reject(function(d) { return d==draggable });
    if(this.drags.length == 0) {
      Event.stopObserving(document, "touchstart", this.eventKeypress);
      Event.stopObserving(document, "touchmove", this.eventMouseMove);
      Event.stopObserving(document, "touchend", this.eventMouseUp);

      Event.stopObserving(document, "mouseup", this.eventMouseUp);
      Event.stopObserving(document, "mousemove", this.eventMouseMove);
      Event.stopObserving(document, "keypress", this.eventKeypress);

In Draggable.initialize:

    this.eventMouseDown = this.initDrag.bindAsEventListener(this);
    Event.observe(this.handle, "mousedown", this.eventMouseDown);
      Event.observe(this.handle, "touchstart", this.eventMouseDown);


  destroy: function() {
    Event.stopObserving(this.handle, "mousedown", this.eventMouseDown);
    Event.stopObserving(this.handle, "touchstart", this.eventMouseDown);

Comments and changes to this ticket

  • Bill Wake

    Bill Wake February 23rd, 2018 @ 04:43 PM

    We also made a change to Draggable.initDrag:


      initDrag: function(event) {
        if(!Object.isUndefined(Draggable._dragging[this.element]) &&
          Draggable._dragging[this.element]) return;
        if(Event.isLeftClick(event)) {
          // abort on form elements, fixes a Firefox issue
          var src = Event.element(event);
      initDrag: function(event) {
        if(!Object.isUndefined(Draggable._dragging[this.element]) &&
          Draggable._dragging[this.element]) return;
        if(Event.isLeftClick(event) || event instanceof TouchEvent) {
          // abort on form elements, fixes a Firefox issue
          var src = Event.element(event);

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